Monday, September 30, 2013

Makeup Monday!

Ciao Beaute's!
It's Makeup Monday !
So Today I'll be sharing one of my favorite fall 2013 makeup trends the gorgeous & sultry wine hued lip!! Which is extremely popular this season on the runways of  designers like Derek Lam, mui mui and Vera Wang!  First off let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of most color lipsticks, however I can NEVER turn down a dark wine or red lipstick! I also prefer matte lipsticks over your average mid shine lippies. So I'm more than excited about the matte dark wine /oxblood lipstick trend! Me being a brown skin girl with full lips, I tend to stick to either nude gold, bronze or dark red lip colors. However I love playing with color on clients this just happens to be my personal preference. I think what attracts me most about this particular makeup trend is the boldness yet transformation that comes along with it. You can be casually dressed and add a red lip that just screams I'M FIERCE EVEN ON MY OFF DAYS! Yass hunttty werk! Love it!
The cool thing about it is you can switch up your look with a Smokey eye & lashes to add some drama or a simple winged eye (very popular this season) or a bold brow and light mascara! Your call! Have fun with it!

Below I've displayed a few different shades of red as well as few pictures of a shoot I did last year and she is also wearing a dark hued lip! Some of the shades below have purple brown undertones, gorgeous right!?
Inspired by "The sunset" I used a combination of oranges, reds and golds for a sultry yet glamorous Smokey eye. Oh quick tip to prevent your lipstick from smudging & to also turn a glossy lipstick matte blot with powder! Use a liner BEFORE applying lipstick for a neat &defined lip! ( I wish I knew this before this shoot, we live&we learn;/

Here's a pic of me last fall rocking one of my favorite matte lipsticks which happens to be by Jordana cosmetics! Which is also a EXTREMELY affordable makeup brand found at your local beauty supply or of course on the website for $1.49! :) I believe the color is called "Brown" its a dark red matte lipstick with brown undertones. Winning!


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